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Elite Ace Limited
Jetta House, 19 On Kui Street, On Lok Tsuen, Fanling, N.T., Hong Kong
TEL: +852-2680 0680  
Fax: +852-2680 2668
Email: info@unique-replicas.com


Tins’ Toys and Unique Replicas which are under Elite Ace are produced in one of the campuses of Jetta, JETTA (CHINA) INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Jetta Group is renowned in recognizing the importance of the quality and safety of its products at early stages of designing products, product development and throughout the production and QC process with commitment to comply with international safety and reliability standards[1]. Jetta has also developed a recognized multiple in-house laboratories which are well equipped to support testing requirements during the product development stage and in production.
To further boost the quality of our die-cast model cars under Elite Ace, a Dust Free High Gloss Paint Finishing production line has been set up by applying automatic spraying in a dust-proof environment.

What is more, our R&D team are devoted to developing and producing fine classic designs with high quality in OEM projects. Our experienced product development team shares with you update with the latest market trends in the industry and is able to liaise on license issue with worldwide automobile brands.

[1] Quality Management System
----OHSAS18001:2007 & GSV
----RoHS Control System
----REACH Document Control System